Are you at Risk?

Anyone can get kidney disease. However, some groups of people are more likely to get kidney disease than others. The following groups have increased risk of kidney disease.

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If you belong to one or more of these groups, ask your doctor for a simple kidney check-up today.

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There are two groups of people who have a higher risk of developing kidney disease:

  • People with diabetes. When you have diabetes the high levels of sugar in your blood can damage your kidneys.
  • People with high blood pressure. Kidney disease and high blood pressure are inherently linked. Frequent testing of your blood pressure is necessary to monitor how your kidneys are performing.

Early detection is important.

The test for kidney disease is to measure the amount of protein in the urine, a blood test checking for creatinine and eGFR and a blood pressure. Symptoms of renal failure do not usually appear until there is moderate to severe renal failure.

It is also important to note people who have none of the risk factors above may also develop kidney disease. You can take the risk test for kidney disease online.

Ask your doctor for a simple kidney test today. If you need any further advice please call our free phone information line on 0800 543 639