Kidney Societies

There are three Kidney Societies currently operating in New Zealand - The Kidney Society (previously known as Auckland District Kidney Society - ADKS), the Christchurch Kidney Society (CKS) and the Otago Kidney Society.

The details for these societies, plus their respective operating areas can be found below.


The Kidney Society (previously ADKS - the kidney society)

Based in Auckland, The Kidney Society primarily offer support from the middle of the North Island to Northland.

Their website and contact details can be found here

The Kidney Society have a lot of patient resources available - and operate a number of dialysis houses in the Auckland area. Some special resources on offer from the Kidney Society include kidney friendly exercises and wellness tips on their YouTube channel.


The Christchurch Kidney Society

Based in Christchurch, the Christchurch Kidney Society (CKS) offers support to the entirety of the South Island - partly due to all South Island kidney transplants being conducted at Christchurch Hospital.

With patients in the South Island travelling to Christchurch for treatment, workups, visits or other reasons, CKS is a great organization that can help all kinds of patients access equitable support.

Their website and contact details can be found here.

CKS offers an amazing kidney friendly cookbook, be sure to flick them an email if you're interested.


Otago Kidney Society

Based in Otago, OKS supports patients from the bottom of the South Island.

Their contact details can be found here.