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Covid-19 Update 2022

Covid-19 Update 07/04/2022                    

Kidney Health NZ supports the Covid-19 vaccine for New Zealanders living with kidney disease.It is best advised that you speak with your treating doctor about the COVID-19 vaccine and what will be best for your health. Kidney patients organisations, kidney doctors, nurses and transplant teams around the world support the Covid-19 vaccine for people living with kidney disease.

Click the link in red to download a PDF file - Why Should I Have The Covid-19 Vaccine?

Click the link in red to download a PDF file - POSTER VERSION: Why Should I Have The Covid-19 Vaccine?

Third Vaccination Dose

On the 21th of October the Government have announced that a third Pfizer vaccination (not a booster) has been approved for severly immunocompromised people. This includes everyone 12 and over and is to ensure that you get the best possible protection. The third dose will be available, free of charge, through your GP or Specialist. If you think you qualify, we recommend getting in touch with your usual health provider.If your GP or specialist does not provide vaccination services,you will be given a script and consent form which you can take to your nearest vaccination clinic.

The third dose is recommended to be given 8 weeks and prior 4 months after your second dose. To optimise your immune response it is recommended that your discuss your current health and/or treatment with your GP or specialist.

Click the link in red to download a PDF file for - More information and most asked Questions about the third pfizer vaccine.


Booster vaccine doses are available since 29 November 2021 for anyone over 18 who has completed their primary vaccination course.

Pfizer booster interval shortened to 3 months

From Friday 4 February, those aged 18 and over, can receive a Pfizer booster 3 months (93 days) after completing their primary course to provide better protection against Omicron.The booster is now also available for 16-17 year from 7/4/2022 but 6 months from completion of their primary course.

Bookings can be made by calling the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26 and or online

The booster is different to the third primary dose recommended for severely immunocompromised people( including dialysis patients).People eligible for a third primary dose can currently access a booster (fourth dose) 3 months after receiving their third primary dose. People can access a booster dose in the same way as any other dose and does not require a prescription. For more information visit the Ministry of Health website:

 The latest information on booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for those with severe immunocompromise is also available on the Ministry of Health website here:

Our videos about Covid vaccination

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The CatchOn Application

We also share with you the launch of the navigational tool, #CatchOn. This community-led app is to aid the process of making an informed decision on the national vaccination roll-out to defend ourselves against Covid-19.With thanks to Le Va.

To see the CatchOn app, follow this link:

The Karawhiua Campaign

Karawhiua is for whānau, hapū, iwi, and Māori communities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.Karawhiua is led by Te Puni Kōkiri (Ministry for Māori Development), co-delivered by Te Hiringa Hauora (Health Promotion Agency) and supported by the Ministry of Health and the Unite Against COVID-19 teams.

To read more about the Karawhiua campaign visit their website: