For Patients

Welcome to Kidney Donor Whanau

A place for New Zealand kidney donors to connect with other donors. We welcome living kidney donors and individuals considering direct or altruistic kidney donation in New Zealand. This is a friendly community that you are welcomed into to connect with others on the same path, share your experience, receive peer support and engage your curiosity.

The Kidney Donor Whānau is a place for New Zealand’s living kidney donors to connect. The support network gives donors the opportunity to link up with a buddy who may provide online, phone, or face to face connection to another kidney donor in their region, or someone considering donation. The support network is also a home for donors’ stories and to feature upcoming events like Q&As with medical professionals and the opportunity to hear the journeys of donors and their recipients firsthand. The support network is backed by Kidney Health New Zealand and medical professionals.

In 2019 there were 221 kidney transplants performed in NZ, yet there are more than 450 people on the waiting list. Kidney transplant is considered the best possible treatment for someone who has kidney failure, enabling them to lead longer and more independent lives compared to being on dialysis.