Health Month March 2021 

Kidney Health Month is held in March each year to raise awareness of kidney disease.   It is an opportunity to share kidney experience stories to raise awareness of the disease, who it affects and the real-life cost.   Kidney health month incorporates World Kidney day an international awareness day, local community testing, fundraising events and awareness raising news.

World Kidney Day Activities:

While I still can - a major fundraising event by Eugene Sanders who will embark on an epic 1400km journey by e-scooter from Picton to Bluff.  Follow him on his facebook page  to see his journey.  If you want to show your support either donate, cheer him on as he goes through your town or join him on his journey and help raise awareness for kidney disease.    Support KHNZ through his fundraising page here.

Community Testing around the 11th of March

Invercargil Roadshow - including community prevention testing,  awareness raising, GP education sessions.

MP prevention testing - testing our MPs to help them identify their own kidney health risk, and raise awareness of this chronic disease.

Awareness raising at Pacifika Festival 2021 - Kidney disease greatly affects the Pacifika community, so we are attending this event providing free prevention testing, and raising awareness of kidney disease in the community.

Kidney experience stories - we have sought stories from our community to share with you all to increase understanding of what it is like to live with kidney disease, be a carer or parent of someone with kidney disease, donate a kidney, receive a kidney, or be on dialysis.

Cricket Prevention Testing - We are partnering with Canterbury Cricket to kidney health check the Canterbury Cricket team.  Canterbury cricket put out a challenge to other regional cricket areas to also get tested.  The challenge is still out there for other cricket teams to request testing to support KHNZ and raise awareness of this chronic disease.

More activities are being added all the time so follow our facebook page to keep up to date with what is happening.


A PDF version can be downloaded here.

World Kidney Day 2021

Kidney health for everyone everywhere - Living Well with Kidney Disease 

World Kidney day is an opportunity to recognise kidney disease which affects people in all countries.  It has an international theme set by the World Kidney day steering committee.

In New Zealand we recognise world kidney day by organising free kidney health checks throughout New Zealand which will help improve early diagnosis. Early diagnosis gives people time to manage the disease to prevent it worsening.   Meaning they may never need either a life transforming transplant or dialysis treatment.  

Keep checking with this page to see what events we have planned for your area.   If you would like to volunteer for a local event please email   

Working together we can reduce the harm, allowing people to live well with kidney disease!

ADHB 2020 public screening results on World Kidney Day, click here