Kidney Health Month - March 2020

Be Kidney Kind this March to celebrate Kidney Health Month in March  2020.  Kidney kindness means be kind to your kidneys, drink water, eat good real food, exercise and next time you are at the doctor ask for a kidney health check.   You can be kidney kind to others by raising awareness of kidney disease or by donating, or asking others to donate, to Kidney Health New Zealand.

Kidney kindness

Kidney health month is a great time to show your support for kidney patients and kidney Health New Zealand.   As a charity, we rely on your support and generosity to help us fund awareness campaigns, run education sessions and provide free kidney health checks to catch kidney disease in the early stages.  March is also an opportunity to raise awareness.   Getting their kidneys checked, so problems can be detected early.  Early detection can reduce the likelihood of further kidney damage. 

March 2020 is a the perfect time for workplaces and schools to run events to raise money for Kidney Health New Zealand and to encourage people to have their kidney fitness checked.

Get involved in a fundraiser during the 2020 appeal week.   We love to have your support and know you what you are doing.   We welcome requests to have a donation box at a business or worksite and volunteers to help during our street appeal.  Just get in touch and have a chat about how we can work together to raise awareness and save lives.

Remind your friends, family and coworkers about kidney health.  Promote kidney fitness checks, drinking water for health and moving more.   All which positively impact on kidney health.

Kidney Health Month incorporates World Kidney Day (12 March).   World Kidney day is a great opportunity to raise awareness and share your stories.   Personal stories are a way to getting people to understand what life is like for a kidney patient.   It is a way to encouraging others to be mindful of their own kidney health.  Help us to raise awarness of Kidney health!

Kidney Health Month is an opportunity to:

   Click here to read more about World Kidney Day.

Too busy to run an event?  You can still support world kidney day.   Download our email advert to encourage others to donate through our website.  Alternatively, to raise awareness distribute posters and flyers in your neighbourhood.  Your library, many cafes, schools, and workplaces often have community or information noticeboards where you can put posters to raise awareness.   Get in touch to order some posters or flyers;  email -

Want some ideas on fundraising and raising awareness - Click here.