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Need a little help or just want to know how to set up a fundraising page on give a little?  This is what you need to set up a page. 

Your Details  

Write a bit about you and about your fundraiser so people understand what you are fundraising for.

Beneficiary Details

Givealittle want to know who they need to pay the funds to. KHNZ is already registered on Givealittle, just select us from the list.

Your Story

This is the main content of your Givealittle page and is what people will see.  It is a great way to inspire people to get behind your fundraising. Share your story as it is you they are supporting. Let people know that the funds raised will help provide free kidney fitness checks, fund research and develop further educational resources.


A picture speaks a thousand words. You'll be able resize and crop the image if you need to. You can add a link to a video if you have one.


You can set a fundraising goal make sure that the amount you want to collect is achievable.


Set a timeline for how long your page will should continue to receive donations.

Search & Promotion

Information for grouping your page to ensure it is easy to direct people to and to promote within your workplace or group of friends and family.

Optional Extras


If there are other websites or social media channels where people can find out more, you can add links for them here.


How will you thank your supporters? A thank you email is welcomed by donors who give to your event.