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Fundraising Ideas

Some ideas on fundraising or raising awareness

Workplace Ideas:

  • Wear Red for Kidney Day - Get your workmates together and wear red at work.  Get everyone to donate.  Add in some fun activities like a sausage sizzle, raffle or kidney challenge.
  • Water week challenge - challenge the office to switch their usual drinks to water for a week.  Get participants to donate the money they would have spent on coffee, energy drink, or fizzy drink to Kidney Health New Zealand.  Have a fine jar to collect donations.  Fines could include - cheating, excessive caffeine withdrawal - make up your own rules.
  • Kind to your Kidneys Challenge - Use March to get back to fitness.   Get participants to sign up for the Fitness month.   Get them to reduce salt and sugar intake, increase exercise, and drink more water, 
  • Coin War - Get a large clear jar or bottle and put a slot into it.   Put departments against each other to donate.   However, this one has a twist.   For each 10c or 20c coin you subtract from the total, teams can sabotage each other by placing 10c & 20c coins in each other’s jars. Have a prize for the winning team. Contact us for a free T shirt or pens.

School fundraising Ideas

  • Wear "Red for your Kidneys" Mufti Day - Ask for a donation for your mufti-day and support our work. 
  • Water week challenge. Ban fizzy drinks, juice and other sugary drinks for a week at your school and encourage students to drink water instead. Ask students to donate the money they would spend on those drinks to Kidney Health New Zealand.  Get friends and family to sponsor you to achieve your goal of drinking water only!
  • Run a healthy wrap stall or hamburger stall. This is an alternate to the traditional sausage sizzle. 

Individual fundraising Ideas

  • Challenge yourself. Running a marathon, giving up sugary drinks or have some other challenge?    Ask friends, family and work colleagues to support you and us. 
  • Organise a market, charity dinner or community raffle.
  • Garage Sale.   Have a clear out and sell your items on TradeMe or have a garage sale.   Get friends together and hold a Monster Garage Sale.
  • Create an individual or household change bin. Get a piggy bank, jar or tin, when you have spare change put it in. When it is full take it to the bank and deposit into the Kidney Health New Zealand account.

Thank you for supporting us to achieve better kidney health for all New Zealanders.