Support Kidney Health New Zealand

Together we can identify some of the over 400.000 people with undiagnosed kidney disease.  You can fund free kidney health checks and provide education sessions to doctors and nurses to increase awareness of risk factors to increase early diagnosis.    We can extend the life of an ailing kidney by catching the decline early.  This is chance to live healthier for longer. Your donation will fund research into the kidney disease, it's treatment and cure.  Your support will educate health professionals on how to manage kidneys disease to prolong healthy living.   And your donation will help support kidney patients and their families through our 0800 helpline, our support of regional support groups and our local seminars on kidney health.

Your donation will help us to provide free kidney health checks to identify kidney problems early.  Early diagnosis is the gift of time.  Time to retain existing kidney function.   It will also help us to provide education sessions for doctor and nurses on the risk factors of kidney disease and managing kidney patients to improve outcomes.   Your donation will help someone to live a longer and stay healthier for longer.  In short you are helping save lives.

Kidney Health New Zealand does not receive and Government support we rely on donations and bequests to fund our work, so we need the support of generous donors, grant funding bodies and sponsors to help us achieve our goal of better kidney health for all New Zealanders.  There are several ways you can support our organisation, not all of them involve giving cash donations, as running a local fundraising campaign or becoming a Kidney health advocate is a great way to support better kidney health for all New Zealanders


  • Make a Donation
  • Organise a fundraiser
    • Participate in a challenge, like a fun run or similar and register with to create a fundraiser for Kidney Health New Zealand
    • Organise a work or school activity to fundraiser for us.
    • Nominate us as your corporate fundraising partner
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • Want to support but don't have a lot of $$$?  Sign up to   It's a local shopping site where you can shop at your favourate stores and, when you pay for your items, get the store to donate to Kidney Health New Zealand.   You won't be charged any more for your shopping but we will get a donation.!!
  • World Kidney Day (International)
    • Thursday 14 March 2019 is World Kidney Day. The 2019 Theme was: "Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere".  
  • Kidney Month – March
    • Join us in March 2020 to fundraise and raise awareness of Kidney Health in New Zealand.
    • Create your own fundraising or awareness raising event, we can provide you with resources to support this.
  • Give A Little
  • Leave a donation in your will
    • This is an incredible way to ensure that you leave a lasting legacy.
  • Donation in lieu of Flowers
    • People have found this a more practical way to acknowledge the loss of their loved one
  • Partnership Opportunities
    • Businesses can support us too. Click here for more information.
Suggested donation tiers

 Get in touch and let us know about your activities to support Kidney Health New Zealand and raise awareness of Kidney Health.  Contact