John Velvin Charitable Trust

Explanatory Notes

The Trust has been formed by family and friends of the late John Velvin who suffered from long term chronic kidney disease.

It is established to provide support to persons living with chronic kidney disease.


To provide financial and personal support to individuals living with chronic kidney failure. Specifically the Trustees will provide support to those who they believe John Velvin would have most wanted to share his experience and advice, providing the individuals with opportunity and reassurance they otherwise would not have access to.

Funding support would typically enable recipients to continue with education, have access to appropriate renal advice, maintain contact with family and friends etc.

However the Trust's intentions are to provide personal support beyond money. This additional support would be in the form of access to many of our networks including professional colleagues, career development, counselling and the like.

As the Trust beneficiaries increase in number the Trustees will also seek opportunity for beneficiaries to support each other, both through sharing experiences in sessions where they get together and just being available for each other.

Thus the purposes are not limited to providing money.

The Beneficiaries

In making their choice of those living with chronic kidney disease best deserving the Trust's support, the Trust will look for the following characteristics:

There will be a formal application process incorporating the above.

Provided the recipient continues to be of good character and in need then it is intended the support be on going. This means the individual and the Trust may journey together through the recipients experience.

It is not expected that there will be a lot of recipients at any one time. While it is hard to determine, we expect there would be no more than five individuals being supported at any one time.

The Renal Fraternity

All renal parties contacted are supported of the purpose of the Trust. Kidney Health NZ has provided a letter of endorsement.


The Trustees have raised sufficient money from family and friends to begin the process of inviting potential beneficiaries to apply for support from the Trust. Trustees will look for other opportunities to access money from parties associated with beneficiary applicants and from other interested sources.

The following are a list of financial matters relevant to the fundraising from family and friends that remain pertinent for all other financial supporters:


There are four Trustees. One of those is a permanent appointment, a member of John's family. The trustees are:

Annual Reunion

The Trustees are committed to annual reunions with all of John's friends and supporters of the Trust who are able to attend. While the formal purpose of the gathering will be to hold an AGM of the Trust and introduce our kidney beneficiaries to those attending, there will most importantly, be the opportunity for all of us to gather and celebrate John and all he stood for.

Professional Appointments

The lawyers for the Trust are Gault Mitchell and the Accountant is Mr Neville Goldie CA.

David Irving - Phone: 021 987 821
Doug Crombie - Phone: 027 475 5846
John Button - Phone: 027 492 4946
Sally Velvin - Phone: 027 585 5055

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