Key advice for kidney patients in New Zealand

 Whilst NZ is at COVID19 level 2, 3 or 4 the following patients should self-isolate:

  •  Kidney Transplant recipients
  •  Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
  •  Home Haemodialysis Patients
  •  CKD 4 and 5 patients
  •  Patients who are immunosuppressed (Patients taking Prednisone >10mg/day, Cyclopsorin, Tacrolimus, Azathioprine, Mycophenolate Mofetil, Methotrexate, Cyclophosphamide or who have had Rituximab in the last 6 months)

 Hospital Haemodialysis patients should self isolate EXCEPT when they are attending for dialysis.


 When attending for dialysis you should take practical measures to minimise close contact with other patients if possible.

 IF YOU ARE UNWELL: You should not attend the dialysis unit without calling ahead first and making specific arrangements. You should not come for dialysis by group shuttle but should seek alternative arrangements to make your way to dialysis.

 You should continue to take your normal medication and only cease medication if directed by your GP or Renal Doctor.

 If you are unwell please contact either your GP, Healthline and if you have been directed to by your unit your specialist nurse.

 Further information on self-isolation can be found at

 Note that this means that family members also need to do the same if living with the patient.

 If you are an essential worker and are one of the people listed above you should consider self-isolating. Speak to your renal department if you are unsure or need further advice.

 If you are living with a person on the list above and are an essential worker, you should isolate away from the person listed above or not go to work. See the information regarding financial support for carers below.


Fakamatalaga mo tatou kola e pokotia ne te masaki ki Nonu I Niusila nei.

Kae koi nofo Niusila ite puipuiga kite masaki fakamataku kote Covid19, ite levelo 2, 3 io me kote 4, e taua mo tatou konei ke nofo puipui I tou fale;

-        koutou kola ne sui otou nonu

-        koutou kola e fakaoga te lapa I otou tinae ke fakamaa iei otou nonu

-        Koutou kola e fakamaa otou nonu I fale

-        Koutou kola e masaki ki nonu kae ko nofo te fakamaseiga otou nonu kite levolo 4 mote 5

-        Koutou kola e se malosi manu puipui ote foitino (pela mo koutou kola e inu ite fuaga tenei kote Prednisone tela te malosi e maluga atu ite 10mg ite aso, niisi fuaga konei pela mote Cyclopsorin, Tacrolimus, Azathioprine, Mycophenolate Mofetil, Methotrexate, Cyclophospharmide io me ko koutou kola ne inu ite fuaga tenei kote Rituximab ite 6 masina ko teka) (Fuaga katoa konei ko fuaga kola e fesoasoani o fakamalosi manu puipui I tou foitino)

-        Koutou katoa kola e fulu otou nonu/toto ite fakaimasaki e taua ke nofo puipui I fale vaganaa ko tau koe o fano o fulu tou toto/nonu

-        Ite taimi e fano koe o fulu tou toto/nonu e taua ke puipui koe, maise ke fakamao koe mo niisi tino masaki

-        Kafai koe e masaki: E tau mo koe o telefoni muamua ke mafai o fai ne fakatokaga taua mo koe. E se talia ke sopo koe fakatasi mo tino ite motoka kae ke mafai o fakatoka ne koe ne fakatoka ke mafai o oko koe kite fakaimasaki.

-        E taua ke inu loa otou fuaga kola tumau. E mafai fua o taofi mafai kote fakatonuga mai tou tokita io me kote tokita o Nonu.

-        Kafai koe ko tai logologosala io me masaki fesokotaki ki tou tokita, telefoni kite telefoni tela se togi (Healthline)

-        Mo niisi fakamatalaga ote masaki kote Covid19 tenei te link ke onono koutou kiei

-        Mo tatou kaiga e tau foki ke puipui tatou mai fakamatalaga konei mafai e nofo tasi tatou mo kaiga konei e maua ne te masaki kote nonu

-        Mo taua tino masaki konei ne tusi atu mai luga kae e galue I koga galue konei e tala ite vaitaimi nei, fesokotaki ki te fakaimasaki o Nonu tela e asi koe iei mo niisi fakamatalaga taua.

-        Mo tatou kaiga kola e galue I koga galue konei e tala ite vaitaimi nei kae nofo tasi mo tou kaiga kola e masaki ki nonu fakamolemole ke mafai katoa koutou o se galue kae ke  telefoni ki koga kola e mafai o maua iei ne fesoasoani ki mea tau sene kite tausiga o koutou ite vaitau nei. Tenei te link mo fesoasoani kola e mafai o maua ne koutou.