Audiovisual resources to help understand kidney disease and its treatments better.

A series of videos about your kidneys, kidney disease and its impact.



1 Understanding Kidney Disease

This video explains how the kidneys work and what happens when things go wrong.


 2 Looking after your kidneys

Looking after your kidneys. Things you can do, and things you can avoid, to look after your kidneys. 


 Treatment options overview

This video talks about the treatment options available for people with end stage kidney disease.



 4 Peritoneal Dialysis

This video explains Peritoneal dialysis for people with end stage kidney disease


 4a Craig's Peritoneal Dialysis story

Craig gives an honest insight into his experience on Peritoneal Dialysis


 5 Haemodialysis

This video explains Haemodialysis for people with end stage kidney disease



5a Robin's  Haemodialysis story

Robin gives an honest account of his experience on Haemodialysis


6 Transplant

This video describes the process of a kidney transplant and includes hospital scenes


 6a Alan and Barbara's story

Alan and Barbara give an honest account of their experience of kidney transplant, as recipient and donor.


7 Supportive care

This video describes the supportive care option for people with end stage renal disease. Supportive care is for those patients who choose to stop, or not begin other treatment options