From Total Mobility

Total Mobility will have reduced fares for eligible users requiring essential travel – in most cases this means your trip will be free.

Reducing fares for Total Mobility services is a way to help ensure that you can access essential services and those people working in essential services can get to work.

This change comes into effect from Tuesday 14 April 2020 and will be in place until 30 June 2020 while New Zealand is at Alert Level 4 (and Alert Level 3). It may be reviewed if the alert level is reduced to level 1 and 2.

Using your card

You’ll still need to swipe your TM card at the start and finish of your trip just like you normally do.  The difference is that you will not be asked to pay your part of the fare for most trips. 

If you’re asked to pay for the fare, please ask for a receipt and let Auckland Transport know (Call Centre 09-366 6400)

Types of trip

Under Alert Level 4 you can only use your TM card for essential travel, this means:

Under Alert level 4 we expect all trips to start or finish at your home address and to be short local trips. 

If you’re unwell, don’t travel.  If you need to travel, ring Healthline first (0800 358 5453).

Stay home if you can

Many TM clients are classed as vulnerable due to COVID-19, we encourage you to stay at home where possible and keep safe and well.

Longer trips

Some essential worker or healthcare trips may be longer.  If the total taxi fare goes over $80, you’ll still need to pay a proportion of the fare.

Remember that the best place to find the latest information about the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand is on the Government’s special COVID-19 website:

Please note that we recommend to book your travel in advance or 3 days before your travel, so the Operators can provide you the adequate service on time.