The Treatment of Kidney Failure in New Zealand

Authors: Kelvin L Lynn, Adrian L Buttimore, Peter J Hatfield, Martin R Wallace 2018

ISBN               PDF - 978-0-473-45293-3

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If there is sufficient interest in this book, the editors plan to print and sell  a hard copy in 2019.      Any profits from sales will go to Kidney Health New Zealand.  If you are interested in the hardcopy please register your interest by clicking here.

This book tells the history of the treatment of people with kidney failure in New Zealand; beginning in the early 1950s this story encompasses remarkable experiences of patients and their families, and of the contributions made by dedicated health professionals. It also reveals the challenges and ethics of meeting an ever-increasing demand for treatment.

Dr Kelvin Lynn and his fellow editors tell us about the contribution of doctors, nurses, technicians, and patients and their families to the story of kidney treatment in New Zealand. Social and political changes in our country since the 1950s have critically influenced the development of treatment services for New Zealanders with kidney failure. The improvements in technology and community expectations regarding access to treatment over the past 50 years are discussed as well as the issues for patients and families coming to terms with kidney failure and its treatment.

This story is illustrated with many anecdotes and historical photographs.